CCIFF Official Trailer 2018


Today marks the start of our Film Festival! Here is a small preview of what today was like.  The top 40 films were live streamed over on our Facebook page!


Today marks the second day of CCIFF! We have here an interview with Lewis Carter, one of the film makers in the top 20 for this years festival.  The Film & TV team at UWTSD’s Swansea College of Art, are proud to bring you the 2018 Copper Coast International Film Festival (CCIFF).  Set in the heart of Swansea, Wales, this January, CCIFF brings you an exciting three-day short film festival,  again showcasing the very best national and international storytellers the world of film has to offer.

Previous Film Festival submissions

Here at the Copper Coast International Film Festival (CCIFF) we are passionate about the art of story telling. 

Dor Cohen's Scraps

An award winning entry from the 2017 Swansea Film Festival.

CCiFF award ceremony opening trailer

Best Actress CCiFF 2018

Best Actor CCiFF 2018

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Best Welsh Language Film CCiff 2018

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